Protect your health

Did you know that some travel insurance companies do not cover health care if you need it?


Please take special care when buying a travel insurance policy and carefully read the small print before purchasing. Some insurers although may be very helpful and effective if you have problems with luggage loss, accommodation or need assistance to return home, but have significant clauses when an  emergency arises and medical treatment is necessary.

It has been detected that some insurers simply duplicate the coverage that you already have as a citizen of the E.U. They may only cover assistance in public hospitals therefore you would be paying twice for the same coverage and your insurer will never have to pay for the costs of your treatment in a public hospital.

When you receive treatment in a public facility you are fully covered by your European Health Card (EHIC) however, if treated in a private facility you will be asked to provide valid travel insurance. Many policies do not cover these costs and you could be liable for the costs incurred.

The European Health Card (EHIC) will never cover repatriation after receiving medical treatment.



When travelling abroad, most resorts have the option of public or private facilities and in the case of an emergency, you will be taken to the nearest medical centre.

Check the coverage of medical care in private institutions within and outside of the EU.

To cover pre-existing medical conditions. The patient must be very clear that they have declared any pre-existing medical issues however insignificant they may seem. Not declaring medical conditions could cause the insurance company to deny payment for medical costs and repatriation.

It is important to purchase medical travel insurance to be covered for an acute illness and possible accidents. Make sure you have medical coverage for acute illnesses and accidents.

Take into account the Policy Excess payment of the policy.


ABTA is the UK’s largest travel association, representing travel agents and tour operators. They can advise you on all your rights as a traveller.

Phone number: 020 3117 0500

Citizens Advice Bureau aim to provide independent, con_dential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities.

Phone number: 03 454 04 05 06

“Which” is the largest consumer body in the UK. Ask an expert about your consumer rights and they can give you advice on what to do if things go wrong.

Phone number: 01992 822800


If you are not happy with the service offered by your insurance company you have the right to complain.

  • Try to resolve the complaint informally.
  • Follow your insurance company’s official complaints procedure.
  • Ask the Financial Ombudsman Service for help.

The Financial Ombudsman Service is a free service which helps to resolve disputes between consumers and financial services organizations.

Once you have complained by following your insurance company’s official complaints procedure, they have eight weeks to respond. The Ombudsman Service can only act after you get a final response from the insurance company, or once the eight weeks are up.

Download and complete a complaint form from the Financial Ombudsman Service website:

Send it of with a copy of the final response letter from your insurance company plus any other documents you have that support your case.

The Ombudsman Service will look at the case and try to come to a fair judgment. If they decide you have been unfairly treated, they have the power to make the company explain their actions, apologise or pay compensation.

The Ombudsman’s decision is final and binding on your insurance company. If you’re still not happy with it, you can still take the case to court, but you’ll have to pay a lot of expenses..

In private hospitals we have the means to take care of you and your family in your own language and with a personal approach. We have medical and administrative teams who can help you to resolve any problem as quickly as possible.